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Accustom yourself to unreasonableness and injustice. Abide in peace in the presence of God Who sees all these evils more clearly than you do, and Who permits them. Be content with doing with calmness the little which depends upon yourself, and let all else be to you as if it were naught.
~ François Fénelon (French archbishop, theologian, author, 1651-1715)

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Let me abide in your tent for ever,
find refuge under the shelter of your wings. ~ Psalm 61:4

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Gracious and loving God, I seek to abide in your Presence. As I abide in you, and you in me, may I bring compassion and wisdom in all I do and with all whom come across my path. Amen.

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The concept of abiding is rich and sustaining regardless of what is happening in your life. How can you practice abiding given what is going on in your life today?

You might consider writing in a journal or sharing what you experienced.


This is a sneak peek of a new Eternal Scheme feature
to be introduced soon. Daily Word offers an inspirational focus that can be used as a daily spiritual practice. Each word is randomly selected just for you.
You’ll hear more as we get closer to our launch. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think!

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