Bunny Love by Jasper Bunny

Jasper in hayFor the record: this is not about burlesque bunny love. I’m an upstanding kind of bunny and didn’t even know about that stuff! Anyway, I’ve been hearing a lot about puppies and love lately. It is February, afterall.

Dogs have been in the news lately because of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. There have been lots of reports in the news about all those homeless dogs being intentionally poisoned. I think of how many are puppies and it makes my little bunny heart break! I was really glad to hear that a rich guy came forward to provide shelters for them.

Then there was the puppy and clydesdale commercial during the Super Bowl. Who doesn’t love a cute little puppy, especially one who makes a special friend with the pony and doesn’t want to leave his best friend, even if he is being adopted into a loving home?!? Did you see how happy that little puppy was when he got to stay? That was a very happy puppy happy dance!

Puppy love is sweet, but true bunny love is for reals. Bunny love isn’t a crush or an infatuation. It’s sincere. Us bunnies have had a hard go of things. I was like those homeless dogs. If I hadn’t been rescued, I most certainly would have been eaten by some other animal. I’m so little, I would have only been a little tasty morsel. It’s not nice to treat us fur-beings badly because you don’t want us around anymore. We share this planet too.

Adoption is definitely better than the alternative, but we also like having a say on where we go. I am very grateful every day for my human Mama. The Boy was very nice, but he wasn’t able to take care of me on his own. I miss him, but I am glad I also got to have a say on where I live. It’s really hard being homeless and not having any biological family around. People don’t understand we have feelings and fears too. We need to know we will be protected and loved.

I guess when it comes right down to it, all of us creatures are not really so different from each other. Maybe we all need to take a moment and remember to share a little bunny love.


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