Bad Moon Rising

Earthquakes and hurricanes have been in the news this week. Sounds like the lyrics to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s lyrics to Bad Moon Rising. 

Actually, I think the bad moon rising is the scary foreboding of American politicians emerging from a sect of Christianity that is gaining mainstream acceptance. These politicians see themselves as gifted by God to be prophets and called to lead the United States from apostasy.

This isn’t the usual right-wing, fundamentalist, evangelical we saw in Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush. Or even the more balanced Jimmy Carter. I can stomach politicians grounded in their faith who also respect the beliefs and traditions of others. I know people look for others like themselves and I understand they listen for key buzzwords to tell them this is someone who speaks their language.

This emerging sect seeks to take back from demonic influence seven key areas: arts and entertainment, business, family, government, media, religion, and education. Their goal is insert their ideology into all of these areas.

Here’s the insidious part of it all: they are gaining influence because they meld into the framework of non-denominational or Christian. Because they use much of the same language and have much of the same agendas, people aren’t thinking critically about the consequences to our fundamental freedoms and true Constitutional rights!

And if you’re wondering how influential or present these ideologies are in the current political milieu, one need only look as far as Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, and Sarah Palin. All three of them are and steeped in and being groomed by leaders in this ideology. Many of what is known as the “Tea Party issues” reflect these ideals. Small government is important, for example, because the current government safety nets are usurping the domain of the church and Christianity.

The really ironic thing about all of this is the spirit of division created by this thinking: us versus them in just about every arena. Diversity is not celebrated. Different beliefs are not tolerated. There is no spirit of openness and inclusion. We don’t need to rewrite history to meet their distorted reality either.

The bottom line: they think they are engaged in spiritual warfare. Unfortunately the real “war” is of the flesh and blood variety of certain people in politics.

Thursday bonus: Your much deserved bonus is Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon Rising! Maybe we need more swamp rock to cure what ails us!


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