Are You a Bridge Person?

The bridge photo gracing the new Eternal Scheme site is the iconic Folsom Rainbow Bridge. My sister, Janet, took this picture for me on one of her training bike rides along the American River.  I love the imagery of bridges and think it represents the purpose of Eternal Scheme.

I’m not exactly sure how the Rainbow Bridge got it’s name. It was built in 1917 to replace the old truss bridge and to allow auto traffic. The old truss bridge has an interesting and storied history, but I need to do some library research to find out more about the Rainbow Bridge.

I go over this bridge through historical Folsom a few times each week. I go over another bridge to get to my sister’s house. There are two other bridges I use over the American River to go anywhere else. There are several rivers in our area and bridges make it possible for us to get where we need to go.

There’s something majestic about bridges. They are feats of engineering and many are feats of artistic beauty. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Golden Gate Bridge still thrills whenever I drive over it. The Bay Bridge was still being renovated when Saint Sam and I moved from the Bay Area to Texas. It’s a beautiful structure across the bay, especially at night when it’s lit up. So much structural personality in each bridge!

The Bridge of the Americas was a familiar sight for Saint Sam and I as we made our road trips along I-10 between Texas and California. This great bridge spans the Rio Grande between El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. It’s one of the three international bridges between El Paso and Mexico making up the world’s largest international border metroplex. I wonder how accessible each country is now.

A bridge is a structure built to span a physical obstacle without obstructing or closing off what’s underneath. They span water, valleys, roads, railways, and such. Bridges have been around for millennia to allow movement between two points that might otherwise be inaccessible or difficult to access.

It seems that bridges may not be as popular among some as walls. Bridges and walls are two very different structures with very different purposes. A bridge spans and and connects. A wall divides and encloses. Whether a physical structure or a metaphorical reference, bridges and walls have distinct purposes. I think of Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water and  Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Are you more of The Wall or Bridge Over Troubled Water person?

I am definitely a bridge person.

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