Our Animal Instincts by Jasper Bunny

Jasper at CampI don’t think Our Animal Instincts has ever been used as a theme for Vacation Bible School. It might not be appropriate for school-age children. But then my kitty sibs and kitty cousins aren’t children. I’m not a human child either, but given how things are going at Camp this week, I’m definitely more evolved than these four cats!

My human Mama is at Lake Tahoe and has left us with my Auntie and Uncle Saint Sam. While my kitty relatives are displaying their finest versions of animal instincts, my human Mama is only 11 miles away where the infamous Donner Party succumbed to their animal instincts and ate members of their party. Is that ironic or what?!?

I was really looking forward to going to Camp. I get to camp out the entire time! I have my own bunny-version tent which allows me to be out all day and all night! Auntie makes is a fun place for me with little areas to hide and make me feel safe. Actually, I think she didn’t like me eating her Hebrew Bible the last time I was here. She’s knows my new hobby is stripping cords so I don’t have access to any cords here. I’m really okay with that since there are so many other fun things to do. We listen to classical music all day too. I’m particularly fond of Beethoven. I think if more humans listened to his music, it would help soothe their animal instincts.

The kitties are also listening to classical music, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to make any difference with their animal instincts. I think they are prideful and it gets in the way of them playing nicely with others. Actually, Midori and I are playing well together. I have been sharing my carrot toy with Midori and Takuma. It’s not my favorite toy, but I’m still sharing it.

I really like playing catch. Midori taught me. She has a favorite soft ball that has a bell inside. Auntie throws the ball, getting it to ricochet off the furniture. If she just throws the ball, Midori catches it in her mouth and no one else can play. Midori runs after it and brings it back to Auntie. She picks the ball up in her mouth and drops it right off at Auntie’s feet. It looked like lots of fun so I decided to join in. I try to get to the ball before Midori and push it away. I can’t pick it up in my mouth, but we play bunny-kitty soccer for two passes, then Midori picks up the ball in her mouth and brings it back to Auntie so she can throw it again. It’s really fun and we’re playing nicely with each other.

I can’t say so much for the other three. Spirit hisses and growls at every one and every thing. She’s hiding out behind the knives on the kitchen counter. I don’t think that’s good energy for her animal instincts. Takuma wants to play with everyone, but he’s needs to work on his social skills. Maui is staying out of the fray right now. I’m okay with that because he likes to taunt me. That’s not nice.

Auntie understands we all have our animal instincts. She says we need a time out and she puts us in isolation when we start bothering each other too much. We may have our animal instincts, but we are way too civilized to eat each other!

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