Advent for Web Geeks

I thought I’d seen it all. Never, in a squillion years, would I ever have thought about connecting Advent and Geeks. While Christmas has become very commercialized, Advent, like Lent, is one of those church seasons not many pay much attention. Only children’s advent calendars have crossed over to the commercial kingdom, as far as I know.

My saintly tech husband introduced me to the wonderful advent calendar for web geeks. Of course, it has nothing to do with the spiritual side of Advent, but it’s clever nonetheless. Each day, through the month of December, a daily dose of web design and development goodness is published…to bring a little Christmas cheer. Web geeks look forward to this advent calendar each year! Anticipation for upcoming goodies is heightened because it’s impossible to sneak a peak at upcoming posts.

I gave my kids Advent calendars well into their 20s! They were well along on their own faith development, but I still treasured the sweet memories of watching them hunt for the number corresponding to the date and then sounding out the words to the story. (To this day, I still do not understand why the Christmas story highlighted behind each “door” is told in King James language!). We’ve started the granddaughters on the advent calendar tradition, but we’re not local to them to enjoy the wonder of discovery as they open each door.

It’s heartening to know that there is still wonder about Advent in the world…even if it is for web geeks. I wonder what we would discover for ourselves if we anticipated God having a message for us as we began each day.

This week, I’m meditating on Psalm 122 (Why I thought about following readings from the Common Lectionary for this Advent season when I never preached from it, I don’t know.)  I thought about the whole idea of advent calendars, the web geek twist, Psalm 122, and hope. I was reminded that, in the eternal scheme of things, when I dwell in God’s presence I have “peace within my walls and security within my towers” (verse 7). A simple, yet profound, message for my day.

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