Gun Deaths Since Newtown

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Update, December 31, 2013: I began looking into the whole issue of gun violence after my brother’s shocking and unexpected death in December 2012. I have been updating this list for the past year, but will not be updating it going into 2014. Gun violence continues to be a major public health concern. One gun death, whether by accident, suicide, domestic violence, or homicide, is one too many. There is still much work yet to be done and I will continue to write posts on this issue.

Are you as surprised as I am by the number of gun deaths since Newtown, December 14, 2012? These staggering numbers are represented by individuals who have died from guns. 

What follows are the names, ages, city and state where these individuals were shot. The information is crowdsourced from Slate and @GunDeaths and, as such, is incomplete. Regardless, it is a sobering reality of the magnitude of death by guns in the United States. I will be updating this list as a reminder that our work with gun violence is not over.

December 31, 2013
Donivan K Walker Jr., age 21, Hampton, VA
Kenneth J Wilson, age 20, Hampton, VA
Ashlee Walker, age 21, Oakland, CA
Vincent Rogers, age 26, Chicago, IL
Unknown Female, age 89, Indianapolis, IN
Ashley Carpenter, age 18, Barberton, OH
David Kohler-Carpenter, age 14, Barberton, OH
Jose Mendoza, age 20, Berwyn, IL
Carlos Rueda, age 22, Rio Rancho, NM
Unknown Male, age 36, Milwaukee, WI
Frank Petro, age 62, Saltsburg, PA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Austin, TX
Unknown Male, age 18, Philadelphia, PA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Cleveland, OH
Unknown Male, age 65, Colleton County, SC
Unknown Male, age 71, Indianapolis, IN
Manju Gurung Poonmagar, age 37, Marietta, GA
John Kohler, age 42, Barberton , OH
August Golladay, age 25, Chicago, IL
Achievia Upshaw, age 21, Columbus, GA
Unknown Male, age unknown, East Point, GA
Akeisha Jones, age unknown, Louisburg, NC
Brianna Jones, age 15, Louisburg, NC
Ricky Junior Toney, age 34, Louisburg, NC
Thomas Michael Harris, age 61, Sussex County, VA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Camden, NJ
Unknown Male, age unknown, Camden, NJ
Unknown Female, age 43, Andover, MN
Damien Toney Jr., age 20, Santa Rosa, CA
Donald Eason, age 22, Baltimore, MD
Unknown Male, age unknown, Riverside, CA

December 30, 2013
Unknown Male, age 21, Mobile, AL
Demektric Whitfield-Anderson, age unknown, Metairie, LA
Tacara C. Williams, age unknown, Metairie, LA
Patrick Addo Odoikyene, age 47, Marina Del Rey, CA
Eric M. Wheeler, age 22, Springfield, OH
Unknown Male, age 23, Philadelphia, PA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Atlanta, GA
Dylan Brentlinger, age 22, Reno, NV
Carlos Ramos-Diaz, age 19, York, PA
Nicole Grier, age 19, Lauderhill, FL
Eric ‘E9’ Andrews, age unknown, Somerset, NJ
Anthony Price, age 54, St Louis, MO
Howard Gardella Jr, age unknown, Detroit, MI
Allen S. Templeton, age 17, Cahokia, IL
Unknown Male, age 10, Opelika, AL
Clinton McCormick, age 29, Fort Smith, OK
Sierra Landry, age 18, Lancaster, SC
Ramon Miranda, age 38, Fontana, CA
Silvia Miranda, age 34, Fontana, CA
Ramon Miranda Jr., age 12, Fontana, CA
Rayna Miranda, age 10, Fontana, CA

December 29, 2013
Humberto Reyes Florez, age 29, Graham, NC
Miguel Bobe, age 50, Rochester, NY
Al Geary, age 49, Sebastian, FL
Duraid “Dave” Aziz Lossia, age 59, Farmington Hills, MI
Joseph Glenn, age 22, Ruston, LA
Christopher Harman, age 30, Dallas, TX
Unknown Male, age unknown, Detroit, MI
Sheena Green, age 26, Henrico County, VA
Stacey Lamont Morrison, age 31, Sanford, NC
D’Andre Green, age 16, Newark, DE
Michael Taylor, age 21, Indianapolis, IN
Travis Richardson, age 30, Sanford, NC
Patrice McIntosh, age 50, Philadelphia, PA
Unknown Male, age 42, Philadelphia, PA
Hope Alexandra Fair , age 12, Fountain Inn, SC
Preston Flowers, age 41, South Bend, IN
Eulises Grandos, age 22, Chicago, IL
Mabel Figueroa , age unknown, Miami, FL
Michael Figueroa, age unknown, Miami, FL
Christopher Smith, age 25, Opa-locka , FL
Kevin Brown, age 23, Baltimore, MD
David Gilford III, age 36, San Francisco, CA
Sean O’Toole, age unknown, San Diego, CA
Unknown Female, age unknown, Taft, CA
Jaspal Singh, age 45, Bakersfield, CA
Jamie L. Sternberger, age 40, Danville, IL
Clara Walker, age 51, St Louis, MO
Robert Parker , age 32, St Louis, MO
Unknown Male, age unknown, St Louis, MO
Michael Pfannebecker, age 48, Waukee, IA
Lisa Marie Veney, age 42, Jacksonville, FL
Latalia Robinson , age 32, Marion, FL
Dean Hamilton , age 33, Marion, FL
Ralph Harrell, age unknown, Augusta, GA
Humbertia Florez, age 29, Alamance County, NC
Jaymar Spain, age 23, West Haven, CT
William M. Jackson, age 43, Harrisburg, PA
Christopher George, age 43, Longmont, CO
KayO Redd, age unknown, Henry County, GA
Unknown Male, age 23, Detroit, MI
Unknown Male, age 31, Detroit, MI
Michael Penrose, age 41, Parke County, IN

December 28, 2013
Luann Storey, age 46, Lincoln, AL
LaMarcus Scott , age 24, Greenville, MS
Javier Martinez, age 18, New Haven, CT
Saeed Lateef Majied, age 19, Roanoke, VA
Anderous Reid, age 39, Nashville, TN
Unknown Male, age unknown, Lincoln County, GA
Unknown, age unknown, Lincoln County, GA
Glenn Thomas, age 22, Montgomery, AL
Kimberle Johnson, age 21, Montgomery, AL
Mario Edward Garnett, age 40, Phoenix, AZ
Guy Perry, age 52, Carson City, NV
Mickey Lobdell , age 34, Hopkins, MO
Franklin Jones III, age 30, Troy, OH
Wade A. Brown, age 36, Dayton, OH
Markeewann Ward, age 18, Indianapolis, IN
Dominique Butler, age 23, Indianapolis, IN
Jordan Vaughn, age 29, Harvey, IL
Jermale Richardson, age 36, Chicago, IL
Alfred Calvert, age 30, St Louis, MO
Clinton Dale McCormick, age 29, Sallisaw, OK
Unknown Male, age unknown, Houston, TX
Nick Nelson, age 28, Pampa, TX
Arturo Pelayo, age 24, Dallas, TX
Andrew Anderson, age unknown, Rio Rancho, NM
Robert Santos, age 23, Miami, FL
Lyndell Lorenzo Sowells, age 32, Prince George’s County, MD
Jason Hampton, age 42, Simi Valley, CA
April Everts-Hampton, age 30, Simi Valley, CA
Eduardo Guijosa, age 24, Salinas, CA
Somourian Jamal Wingo , age 24, Palatka, FL
Dwayne Arnett, age unknown, Willow Springs, MO
Sherman D. Martin, age 45, Portsmouth, OH
Jonathan Pearcey, age 15, DeKalb, GA
Maurice Foster Jr., age 23, Buffalo, NY
Deonte Strown, age 27, Lincoln, AL

December 27, 2013
Mickey Lobdell, age 34, Nodaway County, KS
Tristan E. Harper, age 29, Omaha, NE
Dequan Bird, age 20, Indianapolis, IN
Craig Williams, age 23, Chicago, IL
Anthony Darnell King, age 22, Oklahoma City, OK
Unknown Male, age unknown, Placitas, NM
Johnny Terrell Sledge, age 24, Tuscaloosa, AL
Tony Jermaine Lewis, age 42, Goldsboro, NC
Unknown Male, age 38, Yonkers, NY
Robert Wright, age 32, Trenton, NJ
Trammel Harper, age 24, Gary, IN
Flint Wilkey, age 35, Houston, TX
Samuel Oren George, age 33, Donalds, SC
George Hashimbey, age 22, Pottstown, PA
Arturo Vigo, age 38, Hialeah, FL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Oakland, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Oakland, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Compton, CA
Ricky Lee Harlin, age 53, Stillwell, OK
Jessie Rivera, age 22, Stockton, CA
Francisco Lopez Castillo, age 33, Milledgeville, GA

December 26, 2013
Unknown Male, age 44, Bronx, NY
Errol Scott, age 22, Slidell, LA
Mark Womack, age 23, Slidell, LA
Elijah Johnson, age 50, Chicago, IL
Unknown Male, age 36, Chicago, IL
Dennis Glover, age 27, Chicago, IL
Milton Bourgeois, age unknown, Houma, LA
Ben Freeman , age 38, Houma, LA
Susan Gouaux, age unknown, Houma, LA
Tyler Gurien, age 26, Memphis, TN
Davis Goon, age 61, Clarksdale, TN
Bryant Deon Williams , age 28, Winston-Salem, NC
Dylan Joseph Short, age 20, Caldwell County, NC
Antonio Terrell Heyward, age 21, Savannah, GA
Xavier Arnold, age 21, Atlanta, GA
Mark Mack, age 61, Jackson, MS
Andrew Mateo, age 25, Utica, NY
Ronalee Deandre McGuire, age 37, Houston, TX
Shawn Moore, age 34, Brooksville, FL
German Serrano, age 14, Fort Worth, TX
John Lincoln, age 49, Colleyville, TX
Orlando Dewain Lopes, Jr., age 34, San Antonio, TX
Roger Zuniga, age unknown, San Antonio, TX
Isaac Odell Williams, age 14, Swifton, AR
Asa James Dolak, age 19, Torrance, CA
Thanh Vuong, age 52, Garden Grove, CA
Yvone Tran, age 39, Garden Grove, CA
Erick Alexander Perez, age 20, Lake Charles, LA
Mitchell Allen Street, age 51, Sparta, NC

December 25, 2013
Pierre Clervoyant, age 34, Irvington, NJ
Woodley Damiel, age 32, Irvington, NJ
Mushir Cureton, age 27, Irvington, NJ
Bruce Fleming, age 69, Deltona, FL
Alan Scott Fyfe, age 54, Flowery Branch, GA
Zainee Hailey, age 13, Newark, NJ
Kasson Mormon, age 15, Newark, NJ
Gregory Parson, age 24, Sandy Springs, GA
Austin Duink, age 24, Orlando, FL
George Easterly Jr., age 30, Orlando, FL
Wayne Woodson , age unknown, Westfield, IL
Eva Casara, age 17, Chicago, IL
Jason Canan, age 39, Ravenna, OH
Patrick Prince , age 30, Houston, TX
Brian Washington, age 30, Houston, TX
Peyton Cole Barbour, age 16, Dallas, TX
John David Cook Jr., age 52, Baytown, TX
Unknown Male, age 44, Corpus Christi, TX
William Bradley Wingo, age 44, Roberta, GA
Phillip Loschiavo, age 30, Logan, OH
Luis Mendez, age 17, Los Angeles, CA
Juliana Barrios, age 24, Los Angeles, CA
Brayan Castanon, age 15, Sacramento, CA
Deshawn Luther Needam, age 24, Compton, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Greenfield, CA
Eric Hunt, age 21, Chicago, IL
Wilbert Faison, age 56, Panama City, FL
Amerwinfino Lim Jr., age 40, San Lorenzo, CA
Violeta Aragon, age 36, San Lorenzo, CA
Du Xuan Dao, age 32, Dorchester County, SC
Mong Thuy Thi Doan, age 27, Dorchester County, SC
Adam Jamal El, age 25, Richmond, VA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Dorchester, MA
Teresa Bickley, age 30, Logan, OH
Unknown Male, age 40, St Louis, MO
Anthony L. Sisson, age 30, Toledo, OH

December 24, 2013
Terry Lee Rolin, age 61, Portland, OR
Unknown Male, age unknown, Aurora, CO
Valentino Alston, age 23, Winston-Salem, NC
Michael John Polite, age 38, Savannah, GA
Ryan Almeida, age 21, Pawtucket, RI
Michael Andre Smith, age 46, Sanford, NC
Joshua Slaven, age 31, Cedar Hill, TX
Charles De Jon Finch, age 34, Lynwood, CA
Salvatore Belvedere, age 22, San Diego, CA
Rodney Brown, age 54, Baltimore, MD
Sonny T. Ford,, age 29, Peoria, IL
William Goodman, age 17, Pensacola, FL
Austin Burks, age 26, Little Rock, AR
Unknown, age 0, East Lampeter, PA
Virginia Campos, age 47, San Antonio, TX
Markell Beasley, age 6, Cape Girardeau, MO
Demitrius Beasley, age 40, Cape Girardeau, MO
Rande Neff, age 48, Whitehall, OH
Houston Anderson Jr, age 22, Cleveland, OH
Johnita Larie Clemons, age 34, Des Moines, IA
Ilona Flint, age 22, San Diego, CA

December 23, 2013
Kiana Rae O’Neil, age 14, Colorado Springs, CO
Walter Davis, age 19, Memphis, TN
Verico Ingram , age 26, Little Rock, AR
Christopher Rossi, age 16, Duarte, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Sacramento, CA
Unknown Male, age 15, Madera, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Red Rock, AZ
Unknown Male, age unknown, West Palm Beach, FL
Natasha Green, age 19, Chicago, IL
Christopher Lang, age 23, Chicago, IL
Officer Gale Stauffer, age 38, Tupelo, MS
Darrell Rashard Irving, age 21, Rockingham, NC
Pericles Demoura , age 45, Marietta, GA
Euclides Guinato-Bernardes, age 30, Marietta, GA
Thelma Vinhal, age 35, Marietta, GA
Milton Schoen, age 50, Harahan, LA
Unknown Male, age 20, Lenoir County, NC
Marvin Ector, age 26, Columbus, OH
Devonte Patrick, age 18, Elkhart, IN
Alexander Rodriguez, age 22, Chicago, IL
Shane Diquan Brooks, age 19, Lexington, SC
Ahmad Franklin, age 53, Jacksonville, FL
Richard Carrero, age 26, San Antonio, TX
Joseph Taylor, age 22, Shreveport, LA

December 22, 2013
James Lewis Brown, age 24, Greenville, NC
Michael Davis, age 24, Washington, DC
Donnell Lavar Williams , age 36, Houston, TX
Unknown Male, age unknown, Milwaukee, WI
Gonzalo Perez, age 38, Highland Park, CA
Malcolm Mency, age 18, Monrovia, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Santa Paula, CA
Santos Villa, age 36, Fresno, CA
Miguel Alejandro Toyos Bacame, age 22, Los Angeles, CA
Jeremiah Isiaiah Frazier, age 24, Columbus, OH
Gjon Hila, age unknown, Kenneth City, FL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Las Vegas, NV
Anthony Walker, age 27, Las Vegas, NV
Frederick Carter, age unknown, Belle Glade, FL
Unknown Female, age 10, Quick, WV
Hardin Harris, age 34, Pontiac, MI
Eli Barber-El, age 37, Baltimore, MD
Jarrett D. Mosby, age 21, Madison, IL
Deborah K. Clare, age 57, Shawnee, KS
Michael A. Clare, age 46, Shawnee, KS
Joan Elizabeth Harris, age 63, Asheboro, NC
Arthur J. Holt Jr., age 26, Columbus, GA
Dennie Black , age unknown, Virginia Beach, VA
Tammy Black, age unknown, Virginia Beach, VA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Houston, TX
Javon Butler, age 15, Galesburg, IL
Willie Boley, age unknown, Oklahoma City, OK
Kevin Nguyen, age 27, Fort Worth, TX
Phillip Sango, age 34, Jackson, MI
Jamey Spurlock, age 35, Albany, GA

December 21, 2013
John Achiampong, age 56, Baltimore, MD
José Javier Roque-Apaulaza, age 20, Tampa, FL
Caleb Anderson, age 25, Perry, IA
Cuauhtemoc Estrada, age 50, Bellwood, IL
Timothy Costella Covington, age 52, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC
Unknown Male, age unknown, Jefferson County, AL
William “Aaron” King, age 39, Cincinnati, OH
Diana Fields-Edmonds, age 38, Cleveland, OH
Gary Lee Ogreen, age 21, Fruitland Township, MI
Kent Sewell, age 27, Compton, CA
Jamarcus Owens, age 21, Houston, TX
Unknown Male, age 19, Sacramento, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Houston, TX
Unknown Male, age unknown, Houston, TX
Unknown Male, age 22, Lititz, PA
Ronald Henderson, age unknown, Harrisburg, PA
Devin Joseph Blalark, age 23, Willowbrook, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Oklahoma City, OK
Unknown Male, age unknown, Moreno Valley, CA
Corey Johnson, age 39, St Louis, MO
Leroy Griffin, age 18, Chicago, IL
Luciano Torres, age 28, Chicago, IL
Brandon Varlow, age 24, Trenton, NJ
Jose Vega, age 35, Camden, NJ
Christopher Humphrey, age 34, Trenton, NJ
Robert ‘Bobby’ Lane , age unknown, Kingsport, TN
Unknown Female, age unknown, Selma, AL
Quintin Long, age 22, Birmingham, AL
David Blake, age unknown, Bolivar, TN
Mah-Hi-Vist Goodblanket, age 18, Clinton, OK
Gregory Hugh Pierce, age 53, Plano, TX
Deidre Shacker, age unknown, Grainger County, TN
Jaden, age 10, Grainger County, TN
Richard Marquis Bonds, age 30, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC

December 20, 2013
Unknown Male, age 36, Baltimore, MD
Eugene Grigg Jr, age 33, Coweta, OK
Courtrell Jackson, age 15, Killeen, TX
Deon Bell, age 31, Dallas, TX
David Lee Goodman , age 27, Carrboro, NC
Rodriguez Burkes, Jr., age 28, Birmingham, AL
Dina Darden, age 50, Searcy, AR
James Currie, age 40, East Chicago, IN
Reggie Evans, age 21, Milwaukee, WI
Linda Renee Craft , age 55, Botetourt, VA
Robin Dillon, age 42, Franklinton, LA
Sharon McDowell, age 49, Anderson, SC
Unknown Male, age 3, Sahuarita, AZ
Jeffrey Anderson, age 29, Chicago, IL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Ames, IA
Sharrod Freeman, age 20, Titusville, FL
Agnes Whitaker-Vasquez, age unknown, Houston, TX
Unknown Male, age 15, Killeen, TX
Angel Vasquez, age 23, Hartford, CT
Unknown Male, age 26, Overbrook, PA
Jerome Armstead, age 34, Phoenix, AZ
Cuauhtemoc Estrada , age 50, Bellwood, IL
Brandon Lynn Sampson, age 28, Lumberton, NC
Jeremiah Roberts, age unknown, Coweta, OK

December 19, 2013
Devlon Cates Jr., age 30, Baltimore, MD
David Avant, age unknown, Pasco County, FL
Mike Hernandez, age unknown, Houston, TX
Adam Sowders, age 31, Burleson, TX
Juan Robles, age 35, San Antonio, TX
Enrique Escobedo, age 44, Brownsville, TX
Willy Cooper, age 74, Chicago, IL
Eric ‘Guitar’ Davis, age 41, Chicago, IL
Andre Hunter, age 19, Chicago, IL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Louisville, KY
Kyle Lee Johnson, age 33, Christian County, KY
Richard Calvin Gordon Jr., age 55, Greensboro, NC
Tyler Webster, age 21, Indianapolis, IN
Wayne Anderson, age unknown, South Bend, IN
Barnett Adams, age 33, Chicago, IL
Joann Caffey, age 59, St Louis, MO
Jeremy Jamerson, age 26, Kansas City, MO
Janie Jefferson, age 26, Milwaukee, WI
Dontavio Smith, age 26, Milwaukee, WI
Gregory Paul Olds, age 37, Milan, MI
Elizabeth Lauren Hartnett , age 20, Weaver, AL
Galen Scott, age 18, Nairn, LA
Alberto Esquijarosa Jr, age 28, Collier, FL
Unknown Male, age 40, Wichita, KS
Joel Bravard, age 26, Kansas City, MO
Wallace Stanley Squibb, age 46, Springfield, MO
Jimmy Mosmeyer Jr, age 25, Universal City, TX

December 18, 2013
Unknown Male, age 23, Cleveland, OH
Unknown Male, age unknown, Atlanta, GA
Damien Perez Adams, age 28, Mobile, AL
Marcel T. Buchanan, age 25, Kansas City, MO
Derek Jackson, age 24, Rock Island, IA
Unknown Female, age unknown, Memphis, TN
Unknown, age unknown, Memphis, TN
Deborah Lazarine, age 63, Houston, TX
Shaquille Colton, age 20, Salem, NJ
Unknown Male, age 39, West New York, NJ
Unknown Female, age 36, West New York, NJ
Keith Williams, age 22, Cincinnati, OH
Unknown Male, age unknown, Charlotte, NC
Hector Trochez, age 45, New Orleans, LA
Zachary Mahone Fett, age 26, Winston-Salem, NC
Unknown Male, age unknown, Memphis, TN
Wesley Gaddy, age unknown, Pine Mountain, GA
Sherrie Newton, age 43, Cobb, GA
Bryan Bunch, age 26, Cobb, GA
Timothy Pena, age 20, Baton Rouge, LA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Houston, TX
Frank Tallarico, age 49, Tucson, AZ
Duane Slentz, age 49, Indianapolis, IN
Salvador Diaz, age 27, Chicago, IL
William Michael Morrow Jr., age 44, Burnsville, NC
Steven L. Carman, age 51, Pierceton, IN
Terria Nettles, age 21, Cleveland, OH

December 17, 2013
Unknown Male, age unknown, Hollywood, FL
Norman Gallman , age 39, Chattanooga, TN
Unknown Female, age 86, Marietta, GA
Isaac Morris, age 28, Nashville, TN
Desmond Ramario Williams, age 28, Durham, NC
Broderick Howard, age 25, Philadelphia, PA
Dr. Charles Garo Gholdoian, age 46, Reno, NV
Hector ‘Flaco’ Taner Karaca, age 24, Tucson, AZ
Thida Myint, age 37, Bethlehem, PA
Richard Liposchok, age 78, Port Vue, PA
Micky Liposchok, age 52, Port Vue, PA
Robert L. Brown, age 20, Cleveland, OH
Edwin Criswell, age 45, Walled Lake, MI
Unknown Male, age unknown, Reno, NV
Unknown Female, age unknown, Long Beach, CA
Terry Rexroad, age 45, Ivesdale, IL
Rene Espinal, age 52, Las Vegas, NV
Unknown, age unknown, North Webster, IN
Gary Lee Willis, age 38, Geraldine, AL
Jammal Pendergraph, age 20, Savannah, GA

December 16, 2013
Jessica Liriano, age unknown, Durham, NC
Jerron McGirt, age 34, Durham, NC
Unknown Male, age unknown, Richmond, VA
Unknown Male, age 63, Green Bay, WI
Kevin Ross, age 29, Evanston, IL
Ryesha Arbuthnot, age 20, New Orleans, LA
Lisa Arbuthnot, age 45, New Orleans, LA
Steve Mackey, age 55, Merced, CA
Lorenzo Hudson, age 28, Cincinnati, OH
ortez Keith Randolph, age 17, Louisville, KY
Antonio Carrasquillo-Irizarry, age 24, Orange County, FL
Felton Stubbs, age 26, West Palm Beach, FL
David Wimmer, age 43, Enid, OK
Michael D. Harkcom, age 57, Somerset County, PA
Karen L. Harkcom, age 59, Somerset County, PA
Robert Crutcher, age 44, Huntington, WV
Timothy Pena, age 20, Baton Rouge, LA
Billy Watson Strickland, age 62, Johnston County, NC
Shawn Bunch, age 48, Osage County, OK
Randy McKenzie., age 39, Farmington, NM
Travis Brown, age 33, Fairmont, NC

December 15, 2013
Jermaine Williams, age 28, Melbourne, FL
Salatheia Smith, age 22, Tampa, FL
Marquise Jermaine McClendon , age 26, Troy, AL
Anthony ‘Stink’ Joyner, age 34, Baltimore, MD
Quashawn Jordan, age 21, Anderson, IN
Tamika Jones-Fleming, age 31, Indianapolis, IN
Thomas Emory, age 27, Indianapolis, IN
Craig James Brown, age 21, Jacksonville, FL
Anthony Warren, age 15, Indianapolis, IN
Carmen Johnson, age 20, Grandview, WA
Bonnie Baker, age 28, Sioux City, IA
Marquez J. Patrick, age 20, Auburn, AL
Dustin Friedland, age 30, Millburn, NJ
Jose Eric Martinez, age 16, San Bernardino, CA
Larry Wiley, age 42, Arkansas County, AR
Kenneth Young, age 18, Slidell, LA
Robert Deckard, age 31, San Antonio, TX
Timothy J. Bailey, age 20, Dayton, OH
Dajon Parson, age 21, Marion County, IN
Ryan Rice, age 29, Fort Worth, TX
Unknown, age unknown, Las Vegas, NV
Unknown Male, age unknown, Philadelphia, PA
Janee Hadan, age 24, Omaha, NE
James Wisdom, age 19, Columbia, TN
Jackie Graham Warpoole Jr., age 47, Smyrna, TN
Unknown Male, age 28, College Park, GA

December 14, 2013
Steve Anthony Vandross, age 47, Fort Hill, SC
Reginald Strother, age 24, Fort Hill, SC
Roy D. Rhodes, age 58, Milford, DE
Unknown Male, age unknown, Richmond, VA
Romeo McCubbin, age 25, Boston, MA
Michael Turner, age 42, Chicago, IL
Deangelo Shelton, age 26, Chicago, IL
Charles David Whetstone, age 32, Richland County, SC
Jason Ray Jones, age 25, Rodeo, CA
Timothy Appling, age 57, Camden, NJ
Unknown Female, age unknown, Austin, TX
Unknown, age unknown, Florida City, FL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Las Vegas, NV
Stephan Raymond , age 22, New Orleans, LA
Johnathan Sam, age 23, New Orleans, LA
Deveron McLaughlin, age 32, New Haven, CT
Victor Rivera, age 43, Waipahu, HI
Sally Young, age 49, Cape Coral, FL
Unknown Male, age 22, Baltimore, MD
Clifton Chatman, age 16, San Francisco, CA
Unknown Female, age 14, Compton, CA
John Wood, age 38, Merrill, MI
Donya Davis, age 48, Maywood, IL
Sonya Davis, age 41, Maywood, IL
Louis Berry, age 24, Chicago, IL
Jordan Nava, age 24, Youngtown, AZ
Unknown Male, age unknown, Clifton, CO

December 13, 2013
Unknown Male, age 22, San Diego, CA
Charles Green, age 22, Dallas, TX
William Wolf, age 50, Colerain Township, OH
Eric M. Anderson, age 41, Chicago, IL
James Mallette, age 43, Cameron, NC
Reginald Brewer, age 49, Dallas, TX
Claire Davis, age 17, Littleton, CO
Karl Pierson, age 18, Littleton, CO
Hector Karaca, age 24, Tucson, AZ
Antonio Devon Brown, age 25, Huntington, WV
Unknown Male, age 23, Milwaukee, WI
Mark A. Edwards, age 49, Columbia, SC
Michael Boyd, age 23, Indianapolis, IN
Andy Jack Snider, age 37, Albuquerque, NM
Daquan Wilson, age 27, Brooklyn, NY
Carolyn Marie Browning, age 52, St. Clair County, AL
Officer Jamie Buenting, age 37, Rockwell City, IA
Unknown Male, age 19, San Diego, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Houston, TX
Geray Campbell, age 35, Minneapolis, MN
John Stein, age 19, Buffalo, NY
Gregory Henry, age 32, Glasgow Village, MO
Adrian Perry, age 25, East St. Louis, IL
Steven Bradley Dockery, age 38, Raleigh, NC
Brian Newt Beaird, age 51, Los Angeles, CA
Dominique Jones, age 27, Cleveland, OH
Lerod Stafford, age 38, Cleveland, OH
Frank D. Westbrook , age 26, Columbus, OH
Unknown Male, age 28, College Park, GA
Anthony Warren, age 15, Indianapolis, IN
Maurice Fountain, age 16, Cleveland, OH
Marcus Israel, age 23, Jacksonville, AR
Deanna Winkelvoss, age 48, Nether Providence, PA
Ronald Winkelvoss Jr, age 44, Nether Providence, PA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Allegheny Township, PA
Jawon Carson, age 35, Houston, TX

December 12, 2013
Robbie Paul Stone Johnson, age 18, Apple Valley, CA
Cayetano Sandoval, age 68, Chicago, IL
Kenneth Herring, age 50, Columbus, OH
Unknown Male, age unknown, Phoenix, AZ
Robert Harris, age 43, Wenatchee, WA
Timothy Bagley, age 59, San Antonio, TX
Robert Keith Nichols, age 23, Prattville, AL
William J. Osborn, age 57, Franklin County, MO
Cynthia Nemcik, age 48, San Antonio, TX
Ricky Taylor, age 23, Neillsville, WI
Unknown Male, age 27, Hunting Park, PA
Eugene Flanagan Jr.,, age 38, Windsor Mill, MD
Miguel Calderon, age 45, Houston, TX
Tahjik Lomas, age 19, San Antonio, TX
Dailyl Jones, age 32, Harrisburg, PA
Gregory Bendas, age 43, Farmington, CT
John Knudsen, age 61, Hollis, ME
Unknown Male, age 16, Watts, CA
Larry R. Miller, age 58, Filer, ID
Darnell Williams, age 17, Chicago, IL

December 11, 2013
Isaiah Kevin Gray, age 28, Los Angeles, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Houston, TX
Ernesto Chaires, age 35, Ripley, MS
Unknown Male, age 30, Kensington, PA
Unknown Male, age 38, Kensington, PA
Fuad Ali, age 31, Minneapolis, MN
Jared Christopher Vincent, age 22, Baton Rouge, LA
Lisa Nave, age 59, Los Angeles, CA
Unknown, age unknown, Kansas City, KS
Anthony Rivers, age 30, Chicago, IL
Kevin L. Dickerson Jr., age 20, Richmond, VA
Unknown Male, age unknown, New Orleans, LA
Deontre Miles, age 23, Charleston, SC
Unknown Male, age unknown, Stone Mountain, GA
Brock Powell, age 37, West Plains, MO
Michael Ward, age 23, St. Petersburg, FL
Rodney Wayne Stevens, age 64, St. Augustine, FL
Jesse R. Hornbacher, age 27, North Platte, NE
Unknown Male, age unknown, Pembroke Pines, FL
Krystal Barrows, age 35, Ross County, OH
Saul Botello Abrimz, age 31, Durham, NC
Jody Adam Powell , age 41, Belton, SC
Kurt Nusbaum, age 61, North Fort Myers, FL
Manuel Olivas, age 52, Phoenix, AZ
Maryann Valenzuela Fernandez, age unknown, Phoenix, AZ
Unknown Male, age 19, Modesto, CA
Myrus Joynes, age 47, Baltimore, MD

December 10, 2013
Robert T Smith, age 20, West Carrollton, OH
Augustus ‘Gus’ Bennett, age unknown, Mobile, AL
China Leann Barber, age 20, Mobile, AL
Robert ‘BJ’ Sprinkle, age 23, Mobile, AL
Deonte Womack, age 21, Chicago, IL
Troy Harris, age 40, Hollywood, FL
Delsi Smith, age 41, Hollywood, FL
Adrian Montesano, age 27, Miami, FL
Corsini Valdes, age 50, Miami, FL
Unknown Male, age unknown, San Bernardino, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, New Orleans, LA
David Joseph Simon, age 26, Metairie, LA
Sharron Charles Mason, age 19, Odenton, MD
Brandon Marshall, age 43, Saratoga, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Portland, OR
Unknown Male, age unknown, Vallejo, CA
Demarcus Brandon, age 25, Chicago, IL
Kevin Johnson, age 30, Chicago, IL
Jamek Renal Herbert, age 20, Newport News, VA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Selma, AL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Selma, AL
Unknown Male, age 40, Chandler, AZ
Virgil Dunn, age 34, Omaha, NE
Unknown Male, age 26, Billings, MT
Unknown Male, age unknown, Vallejo, CA
Unknown Female, age unknown, Canyon Country, CA
James Cannon, age 58, Gibson County, TN
George Jimenez, age 27, Los Angeles, CA
Shelley Tompkins, age 55, Lehigh Acres, FL
Daniel Tompkins, age 22, Lehigh Acres, FL
Unknown Female, age 38, Chandler, AZ
Juventino Rosas, age 21, Fresno, CA

December 9, 2013
Unknown Male, age 20, Albany, NY
Mukeshbhai Patel, age 51, Lexington, KY
Andrew West, age 26, New Bern, NC
Karen Louise Edwards, age 43, Killeen, TX
Lamar Wilmer, age 17, Wilmington, DE
Matthew Huffman, age 28, Cleveland, OH
Derek Deontay Blacknall, age 24, Greensboro, NC
Paul Slimick, age 26, Monroeville, PA
Luis Cruz, age 30, Cleveland, OH
Darnell Green, age 23, Toledo, OH
John Hill, age 25, Toledo, OH
Unknown Female, age 51, Craig County, VA
James Martin, age 91, Rock Hill, SC
Mary Jean Martin, age 81, Rock Hill, SC
James Williams, age 24, Birmingham, AL
Michael S. Fuller, age 42, Goochland, VA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Las Vegas, NV
Dallard Clark, age 40, Miami Gardens, FL
Unknown Male, age 21, North Valley Stream, NY
Radonna Roland-Holman , age 55, Mount Vernon, MO
Charles Thomas Deishley, age 70, Las Vegas, NV
Asbiel Copado, age 16, Planada, CA

December 8, 2013
Francisco Pirir, age 45, Eastport, NY
Mark Reid , age 47, Philipstown, NY
Unknown Male, age 28, Tempe, AZ
William Stanford Brewer, age 37, Brighton, TN
Unknown Male, age unknown, Princeton, WV
Jared Brown Garnham, age 21, Pittsburgh, PA
Demarco Lyons, age 22, Chicago, IL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Miami, FL
Donald Stallworth, age 56, Birmingham, AL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Detroit, MI
Johnathan Corey Youngblood, age 30, Jacksonville, FL
Gerson Meises, age unknown, Miami, FL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Miami, FL
Lavelle Lacy, age 50, Holmes County, MS
Unknown Male, age unknown, Albuquerque, NM
Aubrey Peters, age 16, Noblesville, IN
Unknown Male, age 41, St Louis, MO
Unknown Male, age unknown, Kansas City, MO
Unknown Female, age 19, Memphis, TN
Christopher Pierce , age 47, Woodstock, GA
Desmond Pierre Kennedy, age 27, Greenwood, SC
Goran Sojic, age 48, Dayton, OH
Rodney Touissant, age 22, Pompano Beach, FL
Cesar David Aguero, age 19, Pomona, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Atlanta, GA
John Dooley, age 56, Tampa, FL
Unknown Male, age 45, Rialto, CA
Samuel L. Smalls, age 22, Buffalo, NY
Joshua J. Richards, age 25, Appleton, WI
Rafeal Robinson, age 26, Chicago, IL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Washington, DC

December 7, 2013
April Infinger, age 32, Goose Creek, SC
Joseph Deandre Jefferson, age 23, Las Vegas, NV
Agustin Osorio-Pacheco, age 41, Tampa, FL
Lindsey Scott Carter , age 44, Ozark, AR
Amy Murphy, age 34, Madison County, AL
Kameron Brandon Patterson, age 18, San Bernardino, CA
Michael ‘Tiger’ Robinson, age 27, Vicksburg, MS
Kortez Peoples, age 18, Maple Heights, OH
Brandon Ramone Johnson, age 17, Suitland, MD
Hector Brown, age 36, Savannah, GA
Terrance Rondell Bryant, age 42, Raleigh, NC
Unknown Male, age unknown, Cleveland, OH
Scott M. Williford, age 33, Independence, MO
Lamont William Hall, age 32, Washington, DC
James Harbst, age 27, Williamstown, PA
Eloise Bailey, age 87, Tampa, FL
James G. Bailey, age 88, Tampa, FL
Justin Scott Colvin, age 36, Gadsden, AL
Sasha Nicole Tarvin, age 26, Gadsden, AL
Unknown Female, age unknown, Lower Paxton Township , PA
Brandon R. Cahee, age 28, Buffalo, NY
Brittany Mills, age 28, Manchester, CT
Floyd Gilbert, age 30, Evanston, IL
Netzahual Ruiz, age 23, Salinas, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Orlando, FL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Philadelphia, PA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Salisbury, NC
Unknown Male, age unknown, Las Vegas, NV
Danny Steele, age 36, York City, PA
Darryl Dookhran, age 20, Boston, MA
Drayshawn Dowd, age 20, Wilmington, NC
Timothy Bruce, age 41, Adams, PA
Jayson Syrkes, age 18, Spotsylvania , VA
Unknown Male, age 3, Indianapolis, IN
Unknown Male, age 23, New Haven, CT
Kamesha Mills, age 23, Manchester, CT
Artara Benson, age 46, Manchester, CT
John Lynn, age 41, Manchester, CT
Unknown Male, age unknown, Tukwila, WA

December 6, 2013
Laron ‘Brittany Stergis’ Kidd, age 22, Cleveland, OH
Roman Brooks, age 18, East St Louis, IL
Donald Gist, age unknown, Charlotte, NC
Unknown Male, age unknown, Jacksonville, FL
Robert Cameron Redus, age 23, San Antonio, TX
Richard Stanley Lane , age 25, Brunswick, GA
Constance Olivia Grantham, age 67, Randolph County , NC
Unknown Male, age 23, New Orleans, LA
Clyde Cody Jr., age 65, Leicester, NC
Hilda Cody, age 64, Leicester, NC
Altin Avdyli, age unknown, Harper Woods, MI
Ryan Faulstich, age 29, St Louis, MO
Eric R. Harrell, age 33, Kansas City, MO
Isaac Lankisch, age 42, Phoenix, AZ
Esohe Izevbigie, age 34, Vallejo, CA
Ryan Tamborrino, age 24, Anchorage, AK
Joseph H. Stevens Jr., age 33, Loranger, LA
Marian Hilton, age 48, Houston, TX
Anthony Vaughn, age unknown, Tunica, MS
Damien Jones, age 31, Waterbury, CT
Unknown Male, age unknown, Manheim Township , PA
Devan Burris, age 17, Washington, IN
Lawrence Gray , age 55, Knoxville, TN
Thomas Ferrell, age 38, Hammond, IN

December 5, 2013
Jamal Jones, age 26, Miami, FL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Harris County, TX
Byron Earts, age 40, St Louis, MO
Devin Gordon, age 21, St Louis, MO
Samuel L. McFail Jr., age 29, Richmond, VA
Rodney Smith, age 26, Baltimore, MD
Unknown Male, age 43, Stockton, CA
Destinee Ford, age 15, Jackson, MS
William Letman, age 46, Gentilly, LA
Keith O’Brien Coleman, age 32, Brenham, TX
Malcom Crittendon, age 40, Glendale, AZ
Genghis Muskox, age 27, Cooper Landing, AK
Ollie Sales, age 25, Hamilton, OH
Christine Keith, age 37, Lansing, MI
Isaac Miller, age 14, Lansing, MI
Randy Keith, age 52, Lansing, MI
Steven Pettit, age 35, Parksley, VA
Justin Gordon, age 22, St Louis, MO
David Christopher Harris, age 23, Tampa, FL
George D. Reynolds, age 49, Independence, MO
Sonja James, age 30, Cushing, OK
Lisa M. Langston, age 40, Calera, AL
Joe Ray Rumfelt, age 71, Alleghany Co., VA
Dora Johnson, age 82, Carrollton, AL
Patricia Hudson, age 63, Carrollton, AL
John Virgil Johnson, age 53, Carrollton, AL
Genevieve Smith, age 42, Brown County, OH
Andrew Smith, age 55, Brown County, OH
Tyler Trottier, age 27, Biddeford, ME
Emil Z. Rodriguez, age 22, Vallejo, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Davenport, IA

December 4, 2013
Demetrius Eccles, age 31, Washington, DC
Unknown Male, age unknown, Detroit, MI
Sean Pino, age 26, Palm Bay, FL
Dylan Kane, age 21, Palm Bay, FL
Ondrea Stevenson, age 19, Charlotte, NC
Christopher Teter, age 20, Tulsa, OK
James Vester, age 32, Indianapolis, IN
Jeremy Clint Henson, age 37, Erwin, NC
Madonna Sadie Cox, age 40, Erwin, NC
Unknown Male, age unknown, Pearland, TX
Angelica Jewel Echols, age 22, Austin, TX
Dixon Rodriguez, age 32, Perth Amboy, NJ
Terrell Johnson, age 22, St Louis, MO
Roland A.V. Ridenour, age 18, Columbus, OH
Juan Carlos Garcia, age 19, Wingate, NC
Yader Alberto Sandoval Garcia, age 18, Wingate, NC
Lynn Friedrich Jones, age 43, Asheville, NC
Calvin Ward, age 17, Chattanooga, TN
James Seals, age 48, Baltimore, MD
Steven Jon Vogel, age 38, Des Moines, IA
Heather F. Adamski, age 33, Kenosha, WI
Jose Sanchez, age 41, Dallas, TX
Unknown Male, age unknown, Bismarck, ND
Eric Cuesta, age 16, Providence, RI
Gordon Durack, age 52, Scottsdale, AZ
Tratavious Davon Oliver McDuffie, age 18, Roanoke, VA
Unknown, age unknown, Madera, CA
Grant Steven Cole, age 52, Arroyo Grande, CA
Khalil Malik Harris, age 27, Williamsport, PA

December 3, 2013
Unknown, age unknown, Birmingham, AL
Jose M. Paz, age 22, Junction City, KS
Kyle Hayes, age unknown, San Francisco, CA
James Richard Wahe, age 59, Simi Valley, CA
Pamela McClain, age 61, Simi Valley, CA
Stephon Reyshad Roundtree, age 20, Tampa, FL
Douglas Elliot , age 50, Glendale, AZ
Unknown Male, age unknown, Spanaway, WA
Tim Adams, age 50, Alma, AR
Michael Williams, age 31, Alma, AR
Chayston Williams, age 0, Alma, AR
Kierra Adams, age 4, Alma, AR
Mason Smith, age 22, Chicago, IL
Levone S. Lee, age 34, Dayton, OH
Tyana R. Ferrell, age 19, Indianapolis, IN
Daniel W. Arnett, age 34, Fort Wayne, IN
Darius Jamal Murphy, age 19, Washington, DC
Anne Stroll, age 64, Libertyville, IL
David Lionel Jenkins, age 48, Florence, SC
Unknown Male, age unknown, Tupelo, MS
Chenard Treadwell, age 26, Euclid, OH
Jacob Karamol, age 21, Fulton County, OH
Bruce Necaise, age 52, Hancock County, MS
Patti Wheelington, age 59, Texarkana, AR
Roderick Dolls, age 28, Pine Bluff, AR
Joseph Campbell, age 20, Pine Bluff, AR
Randy Greene, age 33, Elizabeth, NJ
Fernando Garza, age 26, Lawrence, IN
Joe Ray Rumfelt , age 71, Alleghany County, VA
Deputy Steve Hansen, age 37, Tooele County, UT

December 2, 2013
Michael Ferriello, age 33, Catasauqua, PA
Jonathan D. Rodgers, age 22, Columbus, OH
Andre J. Woods, age 28, Gary, IN
Joshua D. Ford, age 33, Springfield, MO
Delonte Jackson, age 25, Forestville, MD
Unknown Male, age 17, Houston, TX
Markette McNeal, age 33, Opa-locka, FL
Mensa G. Kifle, age 20, Chicago, IL
Travis Estes, age 33, Algiers, LA
Patrick Danial Holmes, age 24, Durham, NC
Unknown Male, age 32, Philadelphia, PA
Madison Dolford, age 1, Hartsville, SC
Antwan Germany, age 36, Indianapolis, IN
David Greenwood, age 49, Etowah, TN
Unknown, age unknown, Indianapolis, IN
Unknown Male, age 36, Indianapolis, IN
Damian Reedus, age 34, Gary, IN
Jeremy Bafunsho, age 20, Chicago, IL
Jordan LeBeau, age 20, Sioux Falls, SD
Anthony Robinson, age 26, Washington, DC
Unknown Male, age unknown, San Antonio, TX
Scott Mitchell, age 46, Tucson, AZ
Ivan Mancinas, age 35, San Antonio, TX
Talaib Pecante, age 7, Los Angeles, CA
Marco Ramirez, age 18, Dallas, TX
Christian Salazar, age 19, Miami, FL
Stephen Moran, age 44, Tulsa, OK
Lance Pavlow, age 42, Mt Morris Township, MI
Ivette Christine Green, age 40, Richmond Hill, GA
Michael Cyrus Green, age 8, Richmond Hill, GA
Kamari Hodrick, age 19, Rochester, NY
Jason Richard Thrift, age 33, Gardnerville, NV
Cory Goulbourne, age 33, Brooklyn, NY

December 1, 2013
Anthony Pollard, age 24, Staten Island, NY
Unknown Male, age unknown, Taos, NM
Anthony V. Bruno, age unknown, Kansas City, MO
Shannon Bailey, age 27, Cleveland, OH
Jarvis Lockhart, age 20, Rockford, IL
Erick P. Musito, age 20, Lincoln, NE
Ikenna Uwakah, age 22, San Francisco, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Lake Worth, FL
Sandra Nelson Pruitt, age 53, Fountain Inn, SC
Sherod Nesbitt, age 24, Chicago, IL
Frank Gray, age 47, Indianapolis, IN
Rolando Correa, age 22, Gary, IN
Michael Stenger, age 20, Oakland, CA
Hector Antonio Lopez, age 22, Lincoln, NE
Christian Anthony Rodriguez, age 32, Norwalk, CA
Alfred Clausen, age 91, East Lansing, MI
Jean Clausen , age 91, East Lansing, MI
Justin Holt, age 22, Boca Raton, FL
Demonsha Clegg, age 21, Laurinburg, NC
Cedric James, age 31, Charleston, SC
Vince Lane Combee, age 16, Baxley, GA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Claxton, GA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Dekalb County, GA
Chad Lowery, age 36, Lumberton, NC
Titus Middlebrook, age 20, Humboldt, TN
Johnny Ross, age 45, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Timothy Loper Jr., age 27, Camden, NJ
Tamesha Lee, age 34, Topeka, KS
Eric Christopher Avery, age 43, Topeka, KS
Marvin Lewis Woods, age 56, Topeka, KS
Gary Pace, age 63, Jefferson Township, OH
Johnny Erick Wiggins, age 31, Fort Wayne, IN
Michael Lee, age 27, Council Bluffs, IA
Carla Jean Avery, age 45, Topeka, KS
Jacob Peter Flores, age 33, Porterville, CA
Salvador Silva, Jr., age 26, Los Angeles, CA
Manuel Alfred Galvan, age 36, San Bernardino, CA
Jeffrey Dolford, age 30, Lamar, SC
Ryan Self, age 16, Panama, OK
Victor Wallace, age 25, Memphis, TN
Felton Hubbard, age 34, St Louis, MO

November 30, 2013
Unknown Female, age 18, Miami, FL
Unknown Female, age 30, Miami, FL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Rolando, CA
Richard G. Bauduin, Jr, age 48, Avella, PA
John D. Fath, age 53, Belleville, IL
Darius Wilkerson, age 21, Riverdale, IL
Unknown Male, age unknown, Columbus, OH
Amanda Pearson, age 46, Scotland County, NC
Andrew Olguin, age 19, Oak Cliff, TX
Christopher Garrett, age 30, Santa Rosa County, FL
Nicholas Andrade, age 24, Long Beach, CA
Marshawn Black, age 22, Stockton, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Duvall, WA
Jamell Hannah, age 20, Bessemer, AL
Christian Massey, age 21, Philadelphia, PA
Kevin Lamont Kilgore, age 31, Inglewood, CA
Unknown Male, age unknown, Ville Platte, LA
Pamela Williams, age 43, Fulton County, GA
Jeffery O. Pratt, age 30, Kalamazoo, MI
Lafayette Martin, age 49, Saginaw, MI
Jaime Grimes, age 25, Cincinnati, OH
Marquis Mebane, age 19, Philadelphia, PA
Xavier White, age 22, Jonesboro, AR
Esteban Peralta Leon, age 46, Charlotte, NC
Thomas Burrell, age 36, Baltimore, MD
Andrie Arnold, age 26, Louisville, KY
Eugene Jackson, age 33, Gary, IN
Rolando Munoz Cuevas III, age 23, East Chicago, IN
David Matthew Merrill, age 36, Euless, TX
Giovanni Galicia, age 18, Belvidere, IL
Israel Rodriguez, age 36, Palmetto Bay, FL
Gregory Tate, age 49, Manhattan, NY
Carl Robinson, age 42, Buffalo, NY
Gentilis Williamson, age 27, Chicago, IL
Jonathan Chinn, age 30, New Orleans, LA
Ever Santos, age 25, Lindenwold, NJ
Patrick Milliner, age 30, Westbrook, ME
Matthew Rairdon , age 22, Westbrook, ME
Unknown Male, age 89, Campbell, CA
Unknown Female, age 92, Campbell, CA
Dawn Truman, age 41, Omaha, NE
Jerome Banks, age 28, Jersey City, NJ
Jack Hutchins, Jr., age 52, Knoxville, TN
Michelle Shepherd, age 36, Hoover, AL
Kristy Robinson, age 35, DeKalb County, GA
Luciano Madrigal-Herrera, age 33, Las Vegas, NV
Booker Cox, Jr., age 79, Springfield, MO

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